Personalized Thank You Message From Thrillophilia

thrillophilia logoSince I work in the media industry, I work with a NUMBER of people throughout the year. I started receiving seasons greeting from December 15 onwards.

Among the many (online) greetings I received, one particular email stood out and grabbed my attention instantly.

The team at Thrillophilia sent a personalized seasons greeting that made me say “WOW”. Continue reading

A Promotional Email From MTS That Doesn’t Promote

Marketing fail - kprabu.comI do not have a wired broadband connection at home, rather, I use a MTS MBlaze 3G datacard to access internet. The connection speed is good at most of the times. Overall, the connection speed experience is positive.

Yesterday, I got an email from MTS MBlaze Marketing team. After a quick look at the email, I thought it was a spam. But, when I spent few minutes to read it in detail, it was a genuine email. Continue reading

Next Generation Job Titles – Ongoing Project

Business cardGone are the days when we had boring job titles in the market. A job title that doesn’t even convey what the person actually does at work, for example – “Senior Executive”, “Administrator”.

Nowadays, we have job titles in the market that brings in lot more clarity on job titles. These titles are quite unheard, not so common, sparks innovation and grabs our attention.  Continue reading

Growl Notification App For Mac – Buy Only If You Just View Notifications

Growl app notification for mac OS - kprabu.comOne of the tools that I use extensively at work is Twitter. I follow 800+ people/company in Twitter (mostly related to travel industry). So, I get at least 5 new tweets every minute.

I use a Macbook. I wanted all new tweets to be displayed as new notifications in Mac style (top right corner) so that I get to read the tweet as and when it arrives, I do not have to keep my Twitter app/browser tab open all time to read new tweets. Continue reading

3 Feedback Points I Received About My Talk

stage talk tips - kprabu.comRecently, I spoke at a conference organized by Travelclick and IDeaS in Mumbai. I spoke about how hotel revenue management is changing with the evolution of social media and online reviews.

The talk went on well. However, when I asked the audience for feedback, I got three improvement points (apart from the positives) about the talk. I would like to share those three points. Continue reading